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VBC Jewellery - House of Vummidi

VBC Jewellery from the House of Vummidi, ( VBC ) established in the year 1900, has been standing the test of time for over a hundred years, and across five generations, forged in a tradition that fits perfectly into the future.

At VBC, the emphasis is on exclusivity, excellent workmanship and a wide range of designs, be it Gold, Diamonds, Silverware, Platinum, Corporate Gifts or Gemstones. This has enabled VBC to earn the respect and admiration of their customers, not only in Chennai, but across the globe.

VBC offers a wide array of jewellery, be it Bridal wear, Antiques, Replicas or light-weight everyday affordable pieces. VBC specialises in adorning deities with gold and diamond ornaments and also manufacture articles for temples.

VBC is presently managed by Sri.Vummidi Sudhakar and his son Vummidi Balaji, a qualified gemologist from Gemological Institute of America USA, ably assisted by his grand-daughters, the fifth gen, Lakshmi Sruthi, a qualified jewellery designer from Gemological Institute of America and Lakshmi Sneha a qualified Diamond grader.

VBC prides itself in their ability to offer personalised service and take pleasure to design, manufacture and create custom designed jewellery, according to the taste of their customers. VBC has always adapted to changing tastes, while maintaining an air of timelessness.

Rewriting the jewellery experience for every generation, VBC crafts, curates and creates with expertise driven by the Vummidi heritage.